Chemical Repackaging

Chemical Repackaging

Our chemical repackaging facility has been in operation for over 22 years. We are happy to have been able to provide many companies with our facility to repackage chemical materials into a variety of bottle sizes ranging from 5ml to 5l. With our commitment to always meeting our customer needs, we have the capability to repack your chemical materials in many different types of packaging such as tubes, carton, glass, plastic, etc. A large warehouse with two loading ramps has the capacity to hold chemicals and all repacking materials during the repacking process.

Quality Control

In being a successful chemical blending company we never compromise on the quality and conformity of our products. Our highly-qualified lab technicians run through an array of quality assurance and quality control measures on the raw materials that enter the laboratory and the finished production consignments in order to make sure they meet and surpass our client’s rigorous requirements.

A sample of each batch is kept for 2 years unless otherwise agreed upon while batch tickets are archived for 5 years.

  • Test the raw materials entering the laboratory
  • In progress and final testing of batches
  • Analysis documentation
  • Samples are stored for 2 years
  • Batch sheets are retained for 5 years

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