About us

Being a family-owned chemical blending business for more than 20 years MKDS REPACKING has a proven track record of manufacturing and industrial know-how which has secured our reputation and success as a leading manufacturer and supplier to the industry. Further to our vast knowledge and proficiency, MKDS REPACKING is renowned for our dependability, our dedication to service and work to the highest of standards.

MKDS REPACKING headquarters comprise a main warehouse and two buildings. MKDS REPACKING supplies a wide range of services, amongst these services are liquid chemical blending, powder chemical blending, contract labeling and packaging, chemical product development, and repackaging. With our 5 filling lines, automated labeler, capper and inkjet coder we can easily accommodate retail and high-volume business. Our staff of full-time chemists guarantees the consistency and quality of all our blends from the time the raw materials are received up until final packaging. If you would like us to help with a formulation, our well-qualified chemists can work in conjunction with you to develop products that correspond to your particular needs.